Hiring Interns and Contract Work



Adequality Consulting is seeking new hires – intern-level through expert-level contractors for the following positions:

  • Data Ingestion / ETL pipelines (ActiveMQ, REST [XML, JSON], Parsing [0] HTML)
  • Data Architecture (prefer MySQL/MariaDB)
  • General Scripting and Automation Jobs (PHP, Python, Shell Scripting [win and linux], Gearman)
  • Video Processing – Manual and Automated Data Cleaning (ffmpeg, shell scripting, batch jobs, cron)
  • Data Visualization (D3.js, Grafana, php-gd)

Positions are contract-based, 1099s issued. Work is centered around professional sports. All work is paid.

No experience required, but knowledge of various APIs (both documented and undocumented) will go a long way. Those who have public repos of code or private working projects to share move to the front of the line.

Entry-level to senior-level work is available.

Send resume, cover letter, link to repos / sample code, whatever you think is important to emily@adequalityconsulting.com for consideration.

[0]: I’m aware this is a bad idea. You get the gist of it.